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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
What a bunch of bunk you spew.

I live in the land of debadge cars(Germany). No one leaves them on their car bc no one wants their neighbor to know how much "extra" money they have to spend on a car! I fact, it is a no cost option thru all the German car makers. IF someone wants to know how fast a car is... they have to look at the car's brakes or exhaust pipe(s)!

Btw... I drive a debadged 135i.
They asked for the code of ethics
This is not my personal opinion, I was just preemptively telling him what others will think
Personally I drive a white e93 335 and have a carbon trunk so I never badged it as I never had a chance to paint it white
I like the cleaner look without, but I feel like less people will ask if its an M3 If I do have the badge
On the other hand I know someone with FBo, RB turbos and meth, it's a sleeper and he put 320d on the back. I got a kick out if that