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Bit of an interesting read as a local from Ottawa...

I bought two cars from Otto's, even though Elite is closer to me, the sales guy I got at Elite I didn't like, oldish sexist guy, my wife couldn't stand him and I can't blame her. Its a bit luck of the draw.

I can see where you and Otto's didn't get along, they aren't there to haggle or go on and on with someone that doesn't seem serious. They want to deal with people that know what they want and will put there money where there mouth is.
Seriously that's a business model and one I standby in my own business , here is my hourly rate, I'm not going to haggle with you on it, it is my rate because I know I'm the best at what I do and I have people lining up to work with me. If we have had multiple talks don't come back after a few weeks and keep going on and on, sorry you aren't serious and I have clients which are.

In any business its a good thing, means they have a demand.

Don't get me wrong they have there issues, trust me I got pissed and was not impressed when I went to pick up my 1M and they had drilled holes in the front bumper for the plate and didn't have my CF spoiler on. In the end they fixed it all and I got the spoiler for free.
Expectations where set quickly, they didn't meet them so they fixed it.

You bought a used car, tells me you didn't want a new one after dicking around with them, me thinks they where right....(again don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with asking questions but Otto's just targets there clients to make money and not waste time).