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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
First congrats on the new ride!

As for the shifting... I think you are feeling the delay of the CDV. Most of us 6MT have removed the CDV(clutch delay valve)...

CDV Delete/Replacement DIY

thanks for the headsup! I was thinking it may be related to this... Its good to know that the delay / shift from 1st to 2nd is a bit tricky. I thought I had forgotten how to drive lol. I went out with a co-worker today and let him test drive it.

He was able to get smooth shifts right away, was kind of jealous actually!! he drives a 2007 gti and said that his shifts are very similar. He couldn't really explain what he was doing different but it was definitely smooth.

I have found an improvement for me is to try and shift around 3000rpm from 1st to 2nd seems to help.

I would like to try this CDV delete but I'm worried about the warranty.