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Originally Posted by greensto View Post
It had a JB3. New harness
New to you or new from Burger?

I've seen (and experienced) a lot of issues with harnesses that are modified by the user or not updated for new revs of JB tunes. Mine was used and the guy that sold it to me (on this forum) is a piece of shit! However I learned a lot about my car in the process.

If everything is new and you're 100% confident with your install I would start with what I listed. Taking logs and posting them will help as well. Also if you bought your JB4 from Terry or Mike you can send Terry the logs for help.

I personally had a cyl 3 misfire...did all of what I mentiond including changing out the remaining recall injectors (and coding them) of which one was cyl. 3. Even after that I had misfires in 3...upon closer examination of my logs my trims were maxing out (I was also running 91 as that's all we have). I have since up'd my octane (E85) and made adjustments to my more misfires and trims are in check.

So, my advice...KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and start with the easiest and cheapest things first like I suggested and don't take anything for granted.

Personally, from reading a lot of posts and seeing people's experiences...I think some people get in to the mod and JB4 thing and get confused or frustrated and then sell. Unsuspecting buyer comes along and viola...picks up where they left off. It's not hard stuff to figure out but it takes a bit of patience and persistance. Likely a simple fix for you if your JB4 is NIB and the car is otherwise untampered with. However keep in mind, you may only have 16K on your car...but whoever had it before you had a tune as well.

As for the Map 5 vs. Map 2 thing....Map 5 is auto-learning and adjusting based on your car's current conditions. Map 2 is taking more for granted and targeting set points...points that you're car may not currently be up to performing at due to one or more of the issues I previously stated you should trouble shoot for. The fact that you say Map 2 feels stronger supports that theory as Map 5 will target higher boost levels (16 vs 14.5) if your car is up to it.

Has your car had all the recalls performed (fuel pump and injectors)? Logs will really help.

Not an expert by any means...just sharing my experience thus far so take it for what it's worth....not much

Edit: One last thing...too late now but for anybody else mod at a time is never a bad idea...much easier to troubleshoot if you have issues.
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