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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Because over here in Germany... the BMW OE rotors cost ~180 euros per rotor w/o 19% German sales tax! That makes each rotor cost around ~$280 EACH!

BMW Performance rotors cost 10 euros more per rotor. (Btw... those prices were from two years ago) when I replaced my rotors. It looks like BMW has dropped the price of the OE rotors to 124 euros now(each). I am sure for the OP, BMW OE rotors aren't cheap in his country.

I have tried using ATE or Brembo or Bosch OEM rotors on my older BMW's.
The price difference is 1/3 the costs of BMW rotors.

Every time I am disappointed with the results. They always wrap. You have to think of driving on the Autobahn as a HPDE(track event). You simply can not cut corners when it comes to brakes or tires. Once I started using BMW rotors - I have had no problems. I always buy OE now and never OEM when it comes to brakes or tires(top tier brands).

My philosophy has always been you get what you pay for and if the price is too good to be true, there has to be a reason for it.

Now, when it comes to auto parts, I think this is definitely the case. The only reason brakes/tires can be so much cheaper is 1) They use cheaper mfg process/cheaper materials (cast vs. forged, lower grade cast iron, don't heat treat, etc.) or 2) cheaper labor (China, Vietnam, etc.).

I'm sure some mark up is just brand related, but when I look at buying brakes I research the hell out of how the manufacturer is making their brakes. The really cheap ones always omit some key steps in their process to make them less expensive AND they are made in China (or other cheap labor country).

In this case, I think they are lower in price because of Chinese mfg, not because of engineering. I would be more leary of cheap engineering compared to being made in China. Quite often Chinese mfg have the latest and greatest equipment (casting/forging/machining/etc.) since they are relatively new to the business and the huge amount of investments being made in the country.