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Originally Posted by Alcor View Post
And wich repro i must buy jb4 ?? Do i need to load a specific map for this gearbox ? Thanksyou
JB4 has nothing to do with your gearbox, regardless of what map you have it on the gearbox will operate the same. With a tune+intake try map5 auto tuning, see how the car feels and log if anything doesn't seem 100%. You should have absolutely zero issues with the step trans until you start pushing serious torque with upgraded turbos (RB, Vargas, Shiv/FFTEC, etc), it's a pretty robust setup. Let's put it this way, of all the various expensive parts on our cars, the trans is about the last one I worry about. Like Dack and others have said, we have many members here who are FBO running well over 400 wtq with meth and/or e85, they don't really have issues with the trans holding up or slipping. Mod away!
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