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Originally Posted by cvandenhaute View Post
Definitely keeping mine for the following reasons:
- straight 6, definitely not interested in the Diesel sound of the N20 and since I am looking at reducing costs rather than increasing, I don't think I will look into a 235i or a 435i
- relatively light and compact, compact sport car feel, not interested in a bloated 2 or 4 series
- one of the best hydraulic power steering you can find, not interested to lose this connection with one of the new electric power steering system
- if the front of the 2-er is as ugly as the F20, count me even more out
- Not sure whether they will have the manual stick as good as this one. From several reviews, it looks like the stickof the current 1 series is one of the best BMW achieved.

I feel like the 128i is one of the last of its kind, almost a relic of what BMW's used to be, true to its roots and I don't feel excited by what is coming, as gorgeous the new 4 series seem to be...