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Hey guys thanks for all the great info and help. I ended up going to the event totally stock and had a blast! No worries and no problems! The brakes did start to fade by the end of each session but nothing too bad; it seemed to be cooked pads more than boiled fluid. The biggest problem I faced, aside from my serious need for more seat time, were my tires. Now with that being said, the next time I head out I will be preforming the aforementioned brake upgrades as well as rolling on proper summer tires.

Meatball Motorsports held a great event. It turns out that these guys are mostly Apple employees and ran the DE with a casual professionalism that I would... well expect from Apple, excellent to say the least. There were only ~40 attendees which meant that the run groups were small and the track was wide open, no pressure. Lots of really high end cars, there were more than twice the number of Ferrari's out than BMW's, and a lot of cool helpful guys. The only downside I can think of is that I had to search out an instructor. The only required instruction for the novice group were three laps following an instructor around the track before being totally let loose. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but something to be aware of. All in all if you get a chance to run with Meatball I highly recommend it.

I've also got to give a big shout out to BluTattoo who joined me at the event and really showed me the ropes. Even though his 135i was in the shop awaiting a nice brembo BBK, Blu crushed it in a rented Hertz Mustang GT showing me some faster lines than my instructor.