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I plan on keeping my 128i vert for a long time. It has "been mine" since day 1, no loan. I normally keep cars 8-10 years and unless I run into a lot of problems, I will do the same with my 128. I keep up on new cars and I cannot think of one I would rather have. I think I like Boxters but occasionally it's really nice to have a back seat. I like the looks of the old Z3M but I don't think I'd like to live with maintenance on an older M car. And I would have a space issue with it too. Bigger BMWs are not sport enough.

This may not make sense to you guys but my 128i reminds me of my first car, a 1966 mustang which also had an inline 6 of about the same size. The 66 was a dog in acceleration compared to my 128i but was a lot of fun. With a manual, the 128i is not "average" in acceleration, it is quicker than most vehicles. It's easily as fast as the 66 with a V8. Plenty enough for me to have fun.

As BMW converts to all turbos I think NA 6s will be in demand. That won't make me sell but may be a factor to consider.

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