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Originally Posted by Three_thirty_I
What happened with the throttle pedal module and ART? They have been letting me down massively by never returning my calls and ended up replacing the DISA flaps myself but still have the problems.

What did BMW find on this last visit?
The pedal was a waste of money. It wasn't the cause of the flat spot. BMW won't refund me.

They've also let me down. Left a few messages and they never return calls.

The last visit at BMW was that their system only detected the Cats missing, no other errors. They said I must put the Cats back in.

I've still got the flat spot. And an aircon problem now.
The aircon is on and off. It has gas. I don't think its related to the flat spot, it started a few weeks ago.

The exhaust place said it might be the fuel pump causing the flat spot.

I've given up on what's causing it
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