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When I bought my car I didn't really care what options it had, I just knew I wanted a 1M. I ended up finding one with all options except HK, and assumed I would not use much of the tech type stuff. I was very wrong. If this car is to be your daily then I would try to find one with the most options that your budget will allow. If it is a second car, then maybe you don't need all the creature comforts.

I love bluetooth, don't think I will ever own a car without it. Being able to play music through my iphone without plugging it in is a huge perk for me. Also being able to easily navigate my contacts for a call while looking at the iDrive screen is really a nice perk. My previous car was built in '05 and while it had everything I need/needed it really lacked a lot of cool features that I am so glad to have. I rarely use navigation, but all the other perks of iDrive make it worth it to me.

It really depends on your preference though. Coming from a loaded e90 I think you might regret not springing the extra money for a car with similar features. Just my take on it.