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Originally Posted by LW50 View Post
When I start up my car, and the revs settle down to idle at ~700RPM, it's pretty obvious that you can hear the metallic click of the flap opening and the exhaust note deepens.

Does anyone else's car do this? If so, I've got to ask, what's the point of the mod if the flap opens up within 30 seconds anyway?
Are you 100% sure that the metallic clank is the sound of the flap opening?

Either way, below 3000RPMs the flap is closed. Whether is closes once you start moving or is already closed, it's closed. Once you break 3000RPMs it will open up.

The point of the 'golf tee' mod is that when driving around town at below 3000RPMs as most people do, the exhaust will be more audible. Above 3000RPMs it shouldn't make any difference as to whether or not you did this mod.