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Originally Posted by froop View Post
I actually have a feeling that it may be the flap closing rather than opening.

When your car is cold starting there's a lot more exhaust flow and I think it's actually keeping it open to allow that flow and it closes once it's warmed up.

Of course I'm not 100% sure of this but it seems to make more sense than if it were to open up after cold starting when idling.

Someone told me that the JB4 can do the 'golf tee' mod through its software but I have a procede so I really have no idea.

If you coded it or flashed it it would be pretty much permanent until you un-code or flash it back to stock. With this mod there is a certain level of drone present when at highway speeds so it would be better not to be permanent.

Try my way if you want to give it a go. It's really really cheap, quick and easy and works exactly the same as opposed to pulling this out, plugging that, tieing the other thing, etc etc.
Understood, still almost positive it's opening rather than closing.

It honestly never dawned on me to check if the previous owner put in a JB4, so I just ran outside to see if the steering wheel menu would work--no dice. While I was there, I grabbed a quick video of the sound, you can hear the valve open up right at the 28 second mark. It's the same behavior on both cold starts, and after the engine's been up to operating temps.

You can't really hear the difference in the exhaust tone at idle and during the quick blips because the mic on my phone sucks, but in person it's noticeably lower in tone.

I'll go clamp the line one of these days to verify and rule out the possibility of myself being an idiot.

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