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Originally Posted by Dackelone
That is actually a good idea. It could be the fuel pump. It could be mechanical issue with the pump, or even a voltage fluctuation issue at the pump. Or a ground issue at the pump.

Do you have access to an OBD-II code reader. Maybe you could read the fuel pressure while on the fly. Or install a mechanical fuel pressure gauge(temporarily) and drive WOT and see what it read at your flat spot. You will probably need a helper.
I've got a Bluetooth and a wifi obdii dongle.
I've used a friends Samsung with Torque, months ago, to find any problems. The error that we noticed while driving, was the boost gauge, but this engine isn't turbo'ed.

I've tried all the 'trial' apps on my iPhone. Most of them can't detect the obc.

I also used a friends 'BavarianTechnic' cable with the app. Ran all the 'fault find' tests, found no faults.

I need to get a normal USB cable obdii reader to try INPA
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