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Originally Posted by FIRST1 View Post
I installed the BMS bulbs and got the adaptive headlight, no matter how well I taped everything towards the middle of the car. I ended up going to a coder, and having him completely turn off the adaptive headlights. I haven't really notice any inconvenience when turning, since turning off the cornering lights.

So for those of you with the adaptive headlight error, one option is to just contact a coder, and have him turn them off (if you're willing).
The problem is I refuse to lose a feature of my multiple-thousand-dollar headlight setup on my $40,000 car because of a bad aftermarket design.

I was pumped to get these when I got my car, having heard great things about them, but then when I received mine they were nothing like what was pictured on their site (it has since been updated) or in reviews. They told me it was the new version that just began rolling out. Honestly, I had thought it was a counterfeit or something because the quality of the new stuff is poor. Oval ballasts loosely held together by philips head screws, with two fragile-looking wires hanging out? What happened to the normal-shaped black ballasts and the beefier looking machined light housings?

I ended up selling mine and living with the halogen angels, they don't look bad.
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