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Thanks for posting!!

My car's going in Monday to have the rear links checked.

I'm not sure if it's the E-diff, or something with the rear suspension, but my car goes anything but straight in 1st and 2nd gear at WOT.

Other cars with open diffs that I've driven would simply light up the lesser loaded rear wheel. My cars with LSD's the rear would break loose predictably and were easily controlled with countersteering, but my 135 literally whips the back end out when the tires break loose (while going straight).

My race car came VERY close to superceding the laws of physics and I could control it even at WOT with both 13" wide Goodyear radial slicks lit up, and it was probably one of THE hardest cars to control in a slide. My 135 scares me.

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I had the same issue with my last 135 m sport, summer tires and 35 degrees, nothing wrong with the car, just keep the stability control on or u may smack into ur neighbors car,,,uh maybe that was me and why it was my last 135 haha. Seriously tho, these cars are much diff then one you may have driven with a normal LSD, not to mention two turbos which have a tendacy to rip wide open when presented with little resistance such as cold road surface. I prefer to keep my nannies on now, sometimes ill turn off traction only, but I do not like the rear on the 135 without stability on, its really unpredictable, without warning it can send u into an almost spin then over correct itself if you keep pushing it. Ive tried this at the air park with plenty of open space and it can be very unpredictable what the rear will do. I know this post makes me sound pretty stupid but I do see what the OP is asking about