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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
lol why? just losing acceleration

the second benefit of shifting higher, is if you shift at say 6250rpm, the higher gear will be waaay off he low side of the power band, probably even down below 250hp in that graph

shift at 6500-7000, even as low as 280hp, and you'll 'drop down' into a much higher 270-280 range.. and 280hp in 2nd gear has more acceleration than 280hp in third, so either way, staying in the higher gear until AT LEAST 6500rpm gives you better acceleration...

acceleration isn't about peak power, it's about average power, how much area there is below you on the graph... i could work it out better if the dyno operator actually stuck it to above 6500, it may very well be worth going much closer to 7000.
Thanks, that makes sense.