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135i vs ???

This is a thread that shows the different types of cars that were defeated by the 135i. Whether it be on the street (closed roads) or on the track (perferably honorable mentions). Ill start off with a few of mine and add to the list as people post....

My mods are in my signature,

vs 370z..took him about a car length before I let off; from a 60 roll.
vs Camero RS...70 roll, 2 car length then let off.
vs GT Mustang (4g)...50 roll, 1 car, let off.
vs 02' Camero SS..2 cars, 60 roll.
vs Acura RSX Type-S (bossted). 60 roll, 3 cars.
vs GTO 60 roll, 1 car
vs 5.0 Mustang (5th gen)
vs STI
vs WRX - Digg-1 car / 40 roll-2 cars then i let off
vs 335 JB4 - 60 roll, tie up untill 95 miles i pulled him by 1 car
vs Nissan 240 w/ 2jz

Complete list thus far, according to others:
Nismo 370z
Jeep Srt-8
Camaro RS & SS
SLK 350
Mustang GT (4th and 5th gen)
VW R32
Audi S4
E46 M3
Challenger SRT-8
Challenger R/T
Ferrari F355 (tie)
Dodge Ram 1500
Infinity G37
Pontiac GTO

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