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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
IF you track a lot... you might look into a shop that does "tire shaving". You really do not want to run full thread depth on the track HPDE. You will end up heat chunking the tires. Its much better to run with worn out or low thread depths, like when the tires are shaved.

This is only true for some tires and certain drivers. Like if a faster driver tries to take all seasons or some max performance tires out on the track. You rarely see tires in the extreme performance category (star specs, re11, ad08, rs3, ecsta xs... ect) chunk even from full tread depth. The only race tire I hear that is necessary to shave is the toyo ra1 becasue its an old design using tall bolcks with little support.

Its also not a great idea to use 1 brand new tire that you shaved down to the others tread depth as the new tire will have a different level of grip than the other 3. This is because tires heat cycle out over time, meaning they loose grip after going through enough heat cycles. Hope this helps.