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Originally Posted by RWD4Life View Post
Ok, I think I'm super duper unlucky. Got also in touch with him. That was last Saturday. Monday he responds saying he is in the field but that he will get back to me Tuesday. Tuesday his manager emails me saying that Jonathan Dabran would take care of my case. I responded saying that I was already talking to Z (note that Z asked me to do that but I would have done it anyway, it's just good business practice). Tuesday evening he calls me to confirm my config and tells me that we look the car up first thing Wednesday morning. He calls me back Wednesday afternoon, right before I step into a meeting. I call him back 30 minutes later but he doesn't pick up. I call him back again at the end of the day and he still doesn't pick up. I email him this morning and he is not responding. I think karma doesn't want me to get a BMW and I'm gonna start listening . More info on my nightmare here
I know from what i saw that they are very busy and they told me the same thing. FYI all emails from Z were going into my junk email folder and i thought he was not replying lol, you might want to check that just in case.

If i speak to him i'll make sure to mention you.