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Originally Posted by pavo335 View Post
ya'll a bunch of soft cocks, why not get ya mum to drive it for ya while your at it

imho turn it all off, this is a challenge of you AND car against the track. Plus when i have left DTC on (one push of the button) the engine management is tooooo keen to cut power which again imho is much more dangerous than 'feeling' the car start to GO and change your driving style/line accordingly, after all isn't that the fun/challenge in getting it right?

Sure you have the chance of losing it, but if thats what your worried about don't go to the track.

lol Pav your a man of your word, i've got some good footage of you doing just that with those crappy rear tyres you had on at EC

IMHO a good set of tyres is essential, as good as having traction control on. i highly recommend semi slicks or something as good for track days then slowly take the nannies off.