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Originally Posted by BMWlady View Post
Just wanted to sound out people's thoughts on upgrading to the N54?

I've heard it's doable but fiddly at best due to wiring?
I'm doing it myself, New engine, gearbox, custom driveshaft

Originally Posted by Newby View Post
Engine+gear box will be a bolt in affair, I'm unsure about the prop shaft. Run N54 DME+CAS(and engine harness) and key set plus locks barrels from a 135i. You would need to get the car programmed, I suspect the JBE and DSC will be ok.

Would be advantageous to buy a 135i that had been rear ended so you could fit all the front end items(cooling system, intercooler etc) too.

This conversion would be costly and could turn into a shit fight without dealer resources. I havent personally looked into this conversion, but there is no reason it wouldn't be easy enough to achieve with some forward planning.
Yep, perfectly 100% bolt on, driveshaft lengths depend if you swap out the diff and halfshafts too, for a 130i though, custom driveshaft yes, not too exxy though.

The DME, i'm currently looking through BMW TIS stuff just to confirm it's all perfectly PnP.. i'm 99% sure, it's a cakewalk.. only coding is AT>MT if that's the job.
don't need new lock barrels if you keep your old key, just swap the physical key into the new fob lol

i didn't know enough when i started, but really nothing has come up that's TOO hard so far, everything is pretty smooth.

it's a good chance to 'upgrade' things like that intercooler, if you don't get a full halfcut... things like radiator/PS/etc. all fit on as same parts.

you NEED the new gearbox, starter motors are 100% opposite sides of the bellhousing, as well as bolt patterns differing.

Originally Posted by Newby View Post
Fairly sure the N54 powered E87 Dack speaks of was in an issue of Performance BMW mid way through this year?

Update - you would also need JBE from doner N54 vehicle along with CAS and DME
no you don't, the JBE between models has the same things.. you'd be surprised at how many parts are IDENTICAL between models

ED: ok, it depends what module you're talking about, and what side f the swap it's on

anything on the car side of the ECU, don't matter, it'll work with all your auxiliary stuff no worries...

engine side, of course it matters and it should come with the engine!, it's more a part of the ECU than anything else in that case...

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