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Originally Posted by StuM5 View Post
Very impressive Anthony! I just love what an amazing engine the S62 is, still brings a smile to my face after 8yrs of ownership and their exhaust note is incredible - must be even more so in yours!
Have so many questions but will restrain myself...
Thanks for the pics, fabulous!
Did you have to sleeve the cylinder bores on the rebuilds?

Cheers Stu
No I have sleeved the bores yet. One of the only places to do it properly is VAC in the states and don"t really want to send them over there. If I have to do a rebuild I will get it done as one of the engines is at its max now and won't be able to get anymore out of it.

The car that I waved past on my cool down lap was a radical and we were trading fairly similar lap times.

I have two exhaust sytems for the car. One is an open twin tip side exiting exhaust which is very loud (V8 supercar loud) and the other has a pretty big can with three tips side exiting which brings it under 95db so I can run it on tracks with noise restrictions.

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