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So nobody has info on the Shurhold and it seems to be a toss up between the PC/XP and the Griots.
As a beginer and most likely only going to use the buffer ~ twice a year, it doesn't seem I could go wrong picking any of them. Either of the three mentioned will get the job done nicely and safely. From searching around and feedback from others, it's come to this...

1) The PC/XP seems to be very dependable with great reviews and the least expensive at the moment through detail addict but only 1 pad.
2) The Griots has a lifetime warranty which is reassuring, but it's the loudest, gets really hot and will most likely be using that warranty, comes with 5 pads through detailersdomain.
3) The Shurehold has really nice features and comes with a kit below the price of the others but it's also the least pwrful...not sure that will matter for my use however.
4) The Flex simply kicks ass but not necessary for beginner/average user. Too costly considering the uncertainty that I'll ever use the machine more than once.

What to do...?

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