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Originally Posted by totobmw View Post
Thanks for this, I will give it a go. From what I read Koni Yellows are better buy?
Also will I have to change the springs or will this be fine with just a replacement of shocks?
Sorry it took a while for me to reply. Koni yellows are very expensive, that's why I went with the Bilstein HD's. Great dampers for the money. Bav Auto is where I got mine. $470 for all 4, and I did not replace the springs. I believe the Koni's will set you back $700-$800, without a lifetime warranty like the HD's have. I would not replace the struts without changing tires, the ride would be too stiff. For perspective, I took my 72 year old mother for a ride after I did the struts/tires, and she noticed the difference without me mentioning it. Really a big improvement.