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Originally Posted by DRedman45 View Post
The problem is you are comparing final drives...they are nearly the same...the manual transmission is geared lower in comparison to the auto...that's why the final drive is taller than the auto

I'm too lazy to calculate each gear from my phone, but this should help everyone understand
They are nearly the same, but they really aren't the same which is his argument. My neighbor has a MT and I have an AT and the difference is quite noticeable especially using the first 3 gears. On the MT, you get out of 1st around 45mph, 2nd around 75mph, and 3rd around 110mph. With the auto, I get out of 1st around 40mph, 2nd around 60mph, and 3rd around 100mph. So yeah, they are nearly the same, but there is no question that manuals do in fact have longer gears.

Bear in mind, I'm not arguing which one is faster or more fun or whatever, so lets not turn it into one of those like Brokenvert suggested.