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Originally Posted by ilikebmxbikes View Post
OP, the exhaust set up looks great. Your muffler shop really did a quality job.
Thanks alot. Yes they pay a lot of attention to detail and I was very pleased with the service and work - came out just as I expected it to. I took it back a week later because the L tips stuck out approx 3mm more than the R side (obsessive? perhaps, but its my nature) and they cut, trimmed and re-welded the L side to make it match for free - service!

Update: once the muffler filled up with some carbon, it sounded a little less 'tinny/raspy' at WOT and more muffled, and also i recently had downpipes installed and the sound is even better, not to mention turbo spool/whine is even more pronounced, though, there is now a noticeable drone in the 2000-2700 rev range while cruising because of my DPs- can't have it all it seems. I should be free soon and will put up a soundclip, though am not sure if the sound will be recorded even close to real life.