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Decal "BMW WELT 4.0" - preorder
We are going to sell the "BMW WELT 4.0" sticker.

It is going to be applied from the outside or the inside and will be white.
There won't be any variations of the decal as we want to keep the production as simple as possible to keep the price low.

The price will be 5€ including shipping (in Germany) or 3€ if you choose to pick it up directly at the meeting (12. May 2013).

Stickerprice including shipping:

1 Sticker --> 5€
2 Sticker --> 8€
3 Sticker --> 11€

... and so on.

If you are interested please write an email to:

In this email you write in the subject the amount of stickers, your nickname, the forum (addicts), your full name and a "V" for shipping or an "O" for pick up at the meeting (sorry for the confusing letters, I am trying to stick to the german lettering).
In the normal textbox you write your full adress, if you decided you want to get the stickers shipped to you.
After we receive your email you will get a reply with the information for the money transfer or an "order confirmation" (depending on wether you choose shipping or pick up).

  • Hans-Peter57 from the 3-series-forum wants 3 stickers with shipping --> Subject: "3, Hans-Peter57, 3er, Hans-Peter Mustermann, V"
  • Heidi25 from the 1addicts wants 1 sticker, pick up at the meeting --> Subject "1, Heidi25, addicts, Heidi Doe, O"

We are going to place the order a bit later to get an overview of the sticker situation, how many we will need and how many we have to order.
Therefore I ask you for some patience. As soon as the stickers are ready for shipping you will receive the Email with the banking information and right after receiving the money we will send the stickers immediately.
If you decided to pick the up at the meeting please have the right amount of money ready. In this case you only need to fill out the subject of the email.

>> please see an order as binding as we need an exact number of orders to plan the right amount of stickers <<

The stickers are going to be made by "VFV Folien- und Werbetechnik" in Munich.

I hope everything is clear and easy to understand. If you have any questions --> just ask me

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