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FELT THE NEED TO UPDATE THIS; I know its an old thread but things got way out of hand here.

After telling me I would be mailed a check and everything would be my responsiblility; I waited 15 days for the mail to arrive to get this straightened out. Nothing. I made a phone call to the dealer again asking what is going on, they said be patient its on its way. I waited 3 more days. I called again yesterday (keep in mind car was bought on 9/29/12) and the title clerk at the dealership told me that the bank had contacted them in requesting if "repo" action needed to be taken because they had not received the title work yet--DESPITE ME PAYING ABOVE MINIMUM PAYMENT AND BEFORE MONTHLY DATE SINCE PURCHASING THE VEHICLE.

I had already gone to the BMV (when I posted this thread originally) to find out what to do about taxes and they agreed with the Ohio title office that nothing could be done until the dealership released the title. I called dealership and they said nothing could be done until I paid taxes. I'm stuck in the middle of two non moving parties.

Today I spent all morning bouncing between motor vehicle offices. eventually I found a clerk that was kind enough to truly look into what was going on. Still saying she couldn't accept money for taxes without title/paperwork (all i had was bill of sale and state inspection) so she called the dealership 4 times and was put on hold until transferred to a voicemail each time. The manager of the title office then informed me that the dealership themselves are the ones that had requested that the title be sent back and that no bank had contacted them in this regard.

Upon hearing all of this the Ohio title office has said they are going to battle the dealership for me in obtaining the titlework. They said by law the dealership has to contact me all ways given before anything of this nature can take place, they had my cell phone, my house phone, my email, my address, and my co-signers cell phone. None had any messages relayed on voicemails and none was attempted to be contacted along with no formal letters being sent. I had to call to find everything out (which has been the process all along)

So at the end of this, which is not settled yet, I do not recommend anyone buy anything from Planet Auto Imports in Charolette, North Carolina. It may just be me having a terrible experience with them; but the fact that they are the ones that requested the title back from the Ohio office, knowing that I have been contacting them and trying to get this corrected, tells me that they are a shady dealership. The title clerk at the dealership was the one that told me last night what I had to do as far as titlework goes and today I found out her name was on the slip that requested the title back yesterday morning. This has been a stressful experience to say the least; I just want the car titled correctly and everything taken care of so I can start modding. This weight has been on my shoulders for months and the information I found out today just makes me sick