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hey all,

hope all is well, i would like to introduce myself as the newby here at the post, ever since i laid my eyes on the 135 i fell in love, be it looks be it performance, or be it that its just a bimmer.

ive been looking for a 135i and luckly i have found one that is certified by the dealership, its a 2011 135i milage: 11,000km and previously owned by a girl " hopefully shes wasnt ugly" :P

anyways from what i came to know that the 135 in kuwait only comes by order, and that got me thinking, if the car is only available per order, then what about parts? will it take me months to recieve a certain part from the dealership or is it available? - Kuwait residance your feedback on this is much appreciated.

another question that has been on my mind, is the car considered high maintenance? i only question that because of the two turbo's which makes me feel that problems might pile up, as we all know, or at least as far as i know turbos and hot weather are not pretty much good friends, having said that, i want your inputs guys whether to go forward with this purchase or is it difficult and high manitenance to own a 135i in kuwait.

also, if anyone can direct me where to start reading in this forum, i am a newby as my username states, and i have 0 knowledge about car modification and tuning. but would like to start educating myself about that generally and in particular the 135i.

appreciate your help guys and hopefully if i get the right feedback and get the bimmer, ill post so uld see her soon