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i've only gotten a few real runs, either knew the person and planned it, or at least repeated the run to ensure we were both into it and both had a chance to get it right. years.

stock tune...
e46 m3, roll about 1/2 car, dig by car
370z, beat from dig by 1/2 car, even on roll 40-120
mustang gt beat by 1 car roll
e92 m3, roll beat by 1 1/2, dig beat by 1 car with him pulling
camaro ss, 01 with exhaust, got beat by 1/2 car 40-120 twice

beat srt charger and 300 from roll 60-120, 1/2 car at most; 3 wide...they were playing and i'm sure surprised.
a few 350z, 370z, mustang gt (non 5.0), and newer and older camaro ss/trans ams.
slight pull from 60-120 on e92 m3 with at least exhaust
5.0 roll 60-120 he got a slight jump and held maybe grew it a touch, 2 runs same result
ls3 vette dig to 100 about 1/2 car

horrible beat down tuned...
roll 50-140 (i hit about 130 on the speedo so probably only about 124 or the 135) vs my 'other' car. my brother wanted to see what a 565rwhp vette could do.
13 135i DCT, 14 x1, n55, 10 Camaro SS 2.9 whipple and stuff, 16 GLE450 coupe, 16 ram quad cab