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Originally Posted by DrGadget View Post
This is the summary of LEDs I have fitted with links to the UK eBay store:

Front Amber Turn Indicator LEDS: PY21W 581 LED (twin) Pins are not directly opposite each other.
Rear Amber Turn Indicator LEDs: PY21W 581 LED (twin) These are a different shape. Pins are not directly opposite each other.
Front Headlight DRL (Parking Light) LED (x24): 501 W5W T10 SMD 12v Canbus Error Free Light Bulbs white

Rear Stop Light LEDs: P21W 382 RED SMD Canbus No error (You need 4 of these—one each side in the main tail light connector that snaps out of the tail light from inside the boot plus one each side in the outer connector which is a twist and remove type connector. N.B. The pins are directly opposite each other)
Thanks for this!!! Video of rear brake lights and turn signals, please!

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