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Originally Posted by robertm View Post
All good points Joe. I'm currently running 295s in the back now so dropping down to 265s just isn't going to happen. I'll go 275 to start then probably play around with camber plates and see if I can get 285s to jam in the front at a later date. I just love me some wiiide square setups!
Totally understandable, some of us just love super beefy set ups . If you do end up going with a 285 width tire in the future make sure it is has a 30 series sidewall. A 285/35/18 is a very tall tire and you would have a lot of trouble using that tire in the front of your car even if you had a maximum amount of negative camber there would still most likely be fender liner rubbing at any kind of steering angle that is more than 1 full turn of the wheel.