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Originally Posted by PA135i View Post
If I had a car with recurring issues .. (even if I loved the car) ... I would get rid of it.

My 135i has had many issues and all have covered by warranty. ie. new turbos at 49K... HPFP... I figure I have another 40K of life left in these turbos. My point is I wil not be owning this car past 100K. Just too many problems.

i do not love the car. i'm trying as hard as possible to be rid of this car asap, but i can't very well sell it for its market value with a blatantly obvious defect. i've done absolutely everything i could have to protect the resale value of this car... i bought it brand new and drove it less than 9k miles a year, always garaged, oil changed every 5k, no drivetrain modifications whatsoever, and its in fantastic condition inside and out. when the dealer called me the other day the gentleman on the phone sounded nervous, and started with "one of the shop guys was moving your car and... well... (pause)" at which point i immediately got excited, thinking maybe they'd crashed it! no such luck... it's still mine :-(

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