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Just installed Cobb

Ok I was debating. For about a month if I should get a. Cobb. Or a jb4. I decided to go with. Cobb just because of the easier. Install

The Install was so easy. Just folios what it's say. Took. About. 20 mins since I needed to. Download my stock map .
I went straight to stage 1 aggressive. V401 maps. My only mod is dci
The. Power difference is Insane it feels like a different car . I leak at around 15 psi and I hold about 13-14 till redline .
It's is. About 40 degrees. Here in nj and 2nd car is. Kind of useless I just spin and I'm on continentals dws 255. The torque is crazy.

As a reference I ran my friend when I was stock he has a brand new stock 5.0 he pulled about 4 cars on me from 40-110 now I beat him by half a car . I'm trying to get on a dyno soon. To see my power. I'll let u guys know
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