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Very interesting....Had the JB3 and upgraded to JB4 before selling it about 5 months ago..Liked the JB4 added HP/TQ but the car was not smooth all the time and alway's had some hiccups ...Running stock now and its really nice and smooth again but much slower..Been thinking of giving Cobb a try...What do you need for stage 2 to work? I am sure stage 1 will be fine for me but just asking. Also where in NJ are you...Would love to see the Cobb unit and see what's invoved to install and remove for dealer visits...Also is there any negative issues with the Cobb unit besides dealer/warranty issues? Any Cobb supported tuner shops in NJ..I am in Hunterdon County..Thankx
This is the Cobb OTS map page for I8AOS roms which describes required mods
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