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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Once you get new fuel injectors in... you will need to have them coded. They will work and the engine will run. I just would not push the engine hard until you have the injectors coded.

Btw... most dealers will just update the car's SW when they code the injectors. So you might ask them IF they can only code them. I wouldn't want you to get the "lag SW" that BMW seems to be handing out for our cars.
Its already on the latest software, since they installed that cable issue 2 months back. I'm not fitting them at the dealer going to a shop to install them and they will also clean the intake. Can't trust the dealer as they want to remove the head to do the clean and do t seem to know what I was talking about. They guys I'm taking them to have latest gt1 and isis tools.

Plus I have the tune and fmic on my modding list so no problem with bmw software just a couple of months down the road