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P3 Vent

Hi guys - before I start off, hope everyone is enjoying the New Year/Christmas season and holidays. I know I am - P3 Vent arrived in the mail - today

Was debating whether to just post at the end of the group buy thread started by BMW86, but that was under commercial sales, so just thought I'd start a new thread.

Anyway, for the DIY re the P3 vent, it seems very easy to just thread the boost line through and tap it into the line not far from the exit under the hood. For us RHD folks, that means we have to actually go across to the passenger side with the line. Anyone care to explain to me the path under the boot you have placed the boost line? Where did you ziptie it to/or to what? I'm just a bit hesitant to place it against anything that may cause issues with the line. This may seem like a real beginner's question, as I know many of you have already done this mod, but yeah, bear with me

Ah yeah, and I did but came up with not too much. Thanks guys.