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Originally Posted by 2totalled2months View Post
I want one too, I agree, I don't think they put out anything that would loose hp, 4 makes sense,,3-5,,,4 in the middle, Id be happy with four as long as it sounds awesome, stock sounds pretty good but a little deeper and louder would be nice. I think its reasonable too, under 1500 installed, keeps warranty good
$1,500 !?!? That sounds rather high to me! Tischer sells the PE for $895 and any dealer should not charge more than 1 hours labor to install the PE kit. Then the part is guaranteed for 2 years with unlimited miles.

I would ask you dealer to come down in price and see IF they would match Tischer's (or United or who ever) price.

The PE exhaust really sounds good in person. Very "poppy" and lots of gurgles. And when you go WOT it just has an awsome wail to it!