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Originally Posted by 2totalled2months View Post
Thanks for the reply, I finally found some numbers and your right, kinda what I expected,,3-5 hp gain, nothing listed on trq. Have you heard those exaust? I haven't yet, not much info on the web either. Id love to put downpipes but my dealership isn't too friendly with mods. Im pretty happy with the power as it is, the BMW Perf Pack makes a huge diff from my previous 135 w/o it.
The sound is really nice. Driving through parking lots, the sound is deep and it gurgles when you let off the gas. On the highway it is only slightly louder than stock and I have noticed zero drone. With the windows up, you don't really hear much of a difference. WOT is a different story. Very throaty with a slight Italian sound...very unique. To put it in context, my buddy has an e92 M3 with an Akrapovic EVO exhaust. His car has to be one of the best sounding cars I've ever heard. He constantly comments how good my car sounds. It makes me laugh every time.

You can find some videos with the sound on YouTube. Listen with a set of head phones. Then keep in mind that it sounds 100 times better in person.