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Originally Posted by Walt White Coupe View Post
One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that as far as I know, all high performance tire manufacturers say don't use them at temps below 32 degrees. So it not just about snow. I have the Michelin Pilot Sports A/S Plus Zero Pressure tires on my Vette and when you consider the slightly lesser performance in summer with the greater performance in winter, I believe that overall performance for year round is actually better than using a summer tire year round. The Vette is actually dangerous with summer tires in winter and I suspect my 135i is the same.


Over here in Germany, the Germans don't require snow tires. But they do something which makes EVERYONE use snow(M+S plus it must have the snow flake symbol on the sidewall)tires on their cars(!)... the Germans say you don't need them... but IF you get into an accident and you do not have snow tires when the outside temp is under 7'C... YOU will be charge at fault(even IF you did not cause the accident!) and your insurance might not pay (100%) of the repairs. ie: YOU might have to pay part of the repair damage. So... EVERYONE buys and uses snow tires. Oct 15th thru April 15th.