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Question Transmission Fluid...

The dealer didn't change the transmission fluid(6AT) since i bought the car from 2009 my car about 50.000 miles,today the service adviser told me no need to change it's a lifetime , also he told me they only change the fluids for the M/// cars only, also the differential fluid.. I didn't except this stupid term from BMW.

I feel something wrong in the gearbox but i don't know what, my car tuned since 30.000 miles. (jb4 only use map2 no meth no race fuel) the torque not too high.

He told me if there's a clutch slip they will change the whole gearbox and bring a new one.

My questions are...

some people say u shouldn't empty all the old fluid from the GB or it will get damaged

how should i drive the car after the new fluid? some say don't do WOT for about 2000 miles

after how many miles should i change the diff fluid, should i empty it all or just add on the old one

what's the best types of fluids for trans and diff??

I know too much questions, but what should i do i want to learn from ur experiences...