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Originally Posted by Canyon Carver View Post
I haven't found there to be much of a compromise running summer performance in cold weather. Of course, an all-season performance may do better, but ultimately, I want stick and grip during prime season when it's warm and I refuse to spend the money on an intermediate set. In the summer, I turn off traction control immediately when I get in the the winter, I tend to leave it on more as cooler temps just don't provide as much grip (With any tire)...and in the Northeast, you never know if there's a patch of ice lurking around the next corner. Things can get a little squirrelly if you put your foot down (Which can be fun if you have the runoff, if not - well...)

I don't have a set of winter rims/tires, though I'd like to...I haven't tried the PSS in the snow, and don't think I will. Since I'm in NYC I'm lucky that I don't have to depend on my car for transportation. When it snows, it sits. I take it out in every other condition, just not snow.

I found the PSS's to be great in the rain - I was pushing around Lime Rock on a day with torrential downpours and managed to get a lot of grip, surprising, really. So I've been very happy with their wet performance, but in snow, I can't imagine ANY summer performance tire would be safe or worth taking the risk on. When I still had the dreaded run-flats, I took my car out in snow ONCE and drifted right though a stop sign. Luckily, it wasn't a busy intersection, but it scared me enough to know that driving on summer tires in the snow is just a really bad idea. All other conditions should be fine, imho.

Lastly, I'm not sure I'd agree that cooler weather makes you eat through summer tires faster...I don't see the logic or science in that statement. I can understand snow tires getting eaten without snow (Been there, done that) due to tread depth and flexibility. But I've never seen extraneous wear from running Summer tires in the cold. Just my experience...

Ultimately, I want to get a set of Winter Tires / Rims at some point...
Interesting. This deserves a new thread. I'm gona find some opinions on this.