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Originally Posted by Walt White Coupe View Post
One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that as far as I know, all high performance tire manufacturers say don't use them at temps below 32 degrees. So it not just about snow. I have the Michelin Pilot Sports A/S Plus Zero Pressure tires on my Vette and when you consider the slightly lesser performance in summer with the greater performance in winter, I believe that overall performance for year round is actually better than using a summer tire year round. The Vette is actually dangerous with summer tires in winter and I suspect my 135i is the same.
The stock summer tires start to really loose traction on dry pavement around 55 degrees, below 45 even worse, freezing temps oh my!! Everyone who has summer tires should attempt this test to see whats rolling under them,,, we all have turned off our traction and had fun,,, find a safe place,,,with a lot of room and try this sub 45,,,you would think ur tires are coated with motor oil,,,take off all nannies and the 135 becomes a dangerous car to drive at these temps, with all nannies on, the car still handles well, but you should know what your car is capable of, including your tires and summer tires loose a ton of grip the colder it gets,,nannies mask this and make it less obvious. In the hot summer, I can take nannies off and only lite up my tires for a short time before they gain grip and leave huge black marks,,,in sub 45, I can burn almost endlessly and leave no marks