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Originally Posted by Maranello455
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Sounds like you have alot of searching to do, the sparknotes version is that there isn't a flat out "best" downpipe or intercooler out there, there is significant aftermarket support for our cars and many companies produce excellent product. Search around and you'll find numerous threads with reviews of all these various options, and are you talking about the Okada coils? They're very expensive indeed, and the jury is still out on them. Enrita and a few other high WHP E9x guys have been testing them out, i'm not sure what they concluded about 'em.
Thanks. Yes,there is going to be a lot of researching to do.Leaning towards Burger's parts including the intercooler. The 1 is an awesome car, its very rewarding to drive. and yes they are the Okada coils, my mechanic tells me they do work,but they are really very expensive, but doing the basic math,if I have more fuel and exhaust flow in the engine,its only logical to have more spark,but I am no expert.
Is this all for the track? A downpipe is a pipe with a hole in it. Mandrel bends and the width are important.