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Originally Posted by FIRST1 View Post
interesting. I should point out, as you mentioned, that I'm not expecting to do any performance type of driving. I just want to confirm that I can get around when it's cold, without ruining my tires.

So the tread WILL or WILL NOT wear faster in the cold?
I don't beleive tread wear wil be affected by the temperature, just grip. I have used Conti DW in the winter and as long as there was no snow there was no real problem. Most good summer tires have more grip that you will likely need in daily driving even in the summer so the grip you loose around freezing temperatures is usually unnoticable. I live in Albuquerque where it is freezing or below at night and up in the 40's during the days. My wife keeps all season tires on her car, (also a 128i) in case it snows. I have a set of all season tires also but rarely use them. I'm using Micheline PS2 now and they are fine.