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Originally Posted by sochermit View Post
I have read several articles like this,, and will wait for more testing before I would go with E15.

I believe that I saw an article that said BMW, among other manufacturers 8 or 9, the warranty would be invalid if e15 was used.

I just do not trust the government.
I wouldn't trust that article for 1/2 a second.

Pump gas is already 10% ethanol and all cars manufactured in the 10-12 years have been designed with a higher blend than this in mind. Brazil actually runs 20%+ mixes year round and there is no difference between USDM bimmers and the ones sold in Brazil. The ethanol attacks certain plasticizers but those plasticizers aren't present in the N54 fuel system.

Fuel mileage will suffer slightly, ethanol is less dense and burns at a lower stoich(~8:1 compared to 14.7:1) however, at just a 15% mix it's negligible.

A 15% blend will not affect cold starts, nevermind cause it to not start. At 50% or higher mixes I've some people complain of rougher starts but there's a BIG difference between 15% and 50%.
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