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Originally Posted by That_1_Guy
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The car was definitely fast as s**t. Glad I could help out. It gets me ready for mine once I get to the states. I can't wait to mess around with map 6 on my own car.

If terry sends you some tweaks we can throw those in real quick at any time. Now that we've done it, it's super easy.

Terry mailed back, said logs look really good, no more tweaking. He did say, unless the up the octane, he would run Map 2. Said the fuel trims are more steady than they were on Map 5. I told him about the 102 or E85, then he said, if I can up the octane, then run Map 5 for sure.

I have an appointment on January 5th at Speed Concept for a Dyno, and some Vinyl wrap work to be done if anyone wants to go dyno.
Sweet. What I don't get is how upping octane will give better trims. But oh we'll. Map 2 was still strong. You should ask if map 7 would be ok for the dyno since it was hitting 15.4psi already, just 1psi less than map 7. Then just run 102oct. Should make some impressive numbers then