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Exclamation And the James May Award goes to!

For the 2012 year we need to hand out the highest award, a true fan boy award, the James May award.

The James May award goes to the poster who fetishizes performance to a level not even remotely possible by men who have; lives, friends, seen a vagina or access to good quality drink.

This award goes to a person who is so obsessive compulsive they will argue till the cows come home, get slaughtered and turned into steaks which are then eaten about the value of filling ones tires with Nitrogen because it’s better for the cars performance due to better heat transfer properties of Nitrogen when compared with the silly stuff we breathe called air which is in itself mostly Nitrogen.

This award goes to a person who’s car is so barren of any traces of human existence that one questions who drives said car. All the vents are cleaned utilizing a feather duster and all face the same way at the same angle. And said person will argue that this adds a deeper aesthetic to the interior.

This award goes to someone who’s trunk gets steam vacuum cleansed ….cleaning is to pedestrian a word to describe the fastidiousness of this person…every week.

Pleas nominate the person you think should win this award and why they deserve it!