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thank you splitsecond for the informative reply,

ild probably say ild like to mod everything, but baby steps are always the way to go.

ild like to start with the simplest mods, and probably would leave interior exterior till the very end, unless i find some sweat deals.

having said that, i diffenately want to start pumping more hourses up this beast.
and from what ive got from your reply is that theres a different setup for each person that results in a certain fix. for example some people mod to drag race some people mod to track race some people mod to drift and so on.

what am looking for is a mod that will help me take control of the car, drift when i want to drift and have fun with the car, and also to a certain point be grippy enough to enjoy a nice cruise on a highway.

as a first stage what should i be modding, so that the car still is an everyday car but has a split personality to it,

also i would like to bring to your attention that kuwait is pretty much cold in winter, hence i dont think summer tires would serve me good in winter, and as for roads in kuwait, i would generalize and say it all perfectly poored concrete, highways might be the smoothest but inner city roads, eyakh!!

anyways so what do you think my first mod should be, at least to start having some fun with the car .